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L-TESS® : Locards – Temporary Explosive Storage System

L-TESS® : Locards - Temporary Explosive Storage System

The widespread misuse of flares and prohibited explosive articles in stadiums, sporting arenas, concerts, festivals and public events is a growing problem nationwide. Locards Ltd have developed a fully managed solution from "Seizure to DIsposal". The L-TESS® : Locards - Temporary Explosive Storage System.

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How L-TESS® works:

The misuse of flares and prohibited explosive articles has the potential to cause serious injury or have fatal consequences. The fully managed solution offered by Locards Ltd ensures compliance under the Explosives Regulations.

The Locards – Temporary Explosive Storage System (L-TESS)® is a fully managed solution from “Seizure to Disposal” comprising of training, secure storage, collection, transportation, evidence management (secure storage for up to 6 months – pending crown prosecution service outcome) and final disposal.

Locards Ltd will provide full training to your organisation’s safety officer and selected staff e.g. senior stewards and security personnel, so they are confident at all times in dealing with any seized explosive articles and using the L-TESS® solution.

Segregation and mitigation of seized explosive articles is fully achieved in a steel cage complying with HSE regulations and guidance. The supplied steel cage is fitted with high-visibility warning signs, a tough outer red powder coating for protection from the weather, and is bolted & secured to the floor with M10 ‘rag bolts’.

Safe and secure storage for up to 20 flares or pyrotechnic articles is possible within the supplied UN approved steel drum.

Secure hand-held mitigation cages (x4) are provided for stewards to safely handle and carry seized articles within the grounds to the main secure storage segregation cage. We include PPE consisting of leather gloves and eye protection.

Our trained operators will attend within 24 hours to collect any seized explosive articles and safely transport them for secure storage back to our HSE-licenced storage and disposal facilities (pending any prosecution by the club or the crown prosecution service).

Following a successful prosecution or conclusion of an incident, Locards Ltd will safely dispose of all seized flares, pyrotechnics and explosive articles at our HSE-licenced storage and disposal facilities. Disposal operations are conducted by our trained and competent explosives operators.

Hand-held mitigation cage

  • Our hand-held mitigation cages have been designed & tested to mitigate and contain the effects of marine pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, flares and other explosive articles. The mesh system allows the pyrotechnic article(s) to free vent and not to over pressurize. Thus ensuring the safe removal and transportation of the pyrotechnic articles by the steward to the main mitigation drum and segregation cage.

Mitigation and storage drum

  • Stores the explosive articles from the hand-held mitigation cages.
  • UN approved steel drum with clamped lid.
  • Contains vermiculite – inert substance that is flame retardant and ensures articles are secured within the drum.
  • Marked and labelled with correct explosive hazard symbols.

Segregation and secure storage cage

  • Seized explosive articles placed in the mitigation drum, lid sealed and clamped. The drum is placed with the segregation cage and locked.
  • HSE-compliant warning signs on cage.
  • Red powder coating to ensure high visibility and protection from the weather.
  • Cage is bolted and secured to floor or wall.
  • Collection of seized explosive articles within 24hrs.

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