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Explosives Disposal

Explosives Disposal

Locards Ltd have many years of experience in the disposal of explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnic articles. We have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver explosive disposal solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Explosives disposal service providers to:

We are specialists in the controlled disposal of explosives, fireworks, and pyrotechnic articles

Locards Ltd are pleased to offer the controlled disposal of explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnic articles. We work routinely with local authorities, the police, fire and rescue services, trading standards, and private companies to assist them with their explosives disposal requirements.

The company has HSE-licenced storage and disposal facilities, and we are able to handle the entire process from start to finish, from collection of seized items and transportation, through to temporary storage, controlled disposal, and issuance of certification confirming disposal of the articles.

Disposal operations are conducted by our trained and competent explosives operators, according to industry best practice and guidance issued by the HSE.

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